I am a writer, recording artist, painter and carpenter based in Chesterfield.

My last album, Private Life, was concerned with the eeriness of the English countryside. I proposed a radical alternative to romanticised ideas of the pastoral, which touched upon the devastation of war, paganism, the idea of ‘queering’ the landscape, and fate. As with most of my other recordings, family and friends kindly helped out – this time, Elise Foster (on cello and violin), Eddie Minor (on clarinet and saxophone), and Rebecca Dean (on flute).

To coincide with the release, I published a series of e-zines called The Eye, where I discussed my inspirations in music, film and literature. I also put out a pamphlet of haikus and monochrome stills, called Landscape Poems. These were made whilst riding on public transport in the northeast of Sheffield. Later on, I recorded a surrealist psychedelic-pop album with Matt Alexander called The Magical World of Mr Magpie, which was partly inspired by a DIY tour we completed from Sheffield to Liverpool by bicycle.

Although I missed it by a long shot, the punk ethos heavily informs my outlook. I am also interested in Taoist philosophy, which helps me to navigate life as an artist (and reject the capitalist notion of what that entails). I no longer play live (no more late nights, anxiety, or self-medication). I don’t really self-promote or market my work (no more forced extroversion, ‘hustling’, or distraction). I don’t engage much with social media, but do regularly share photographs, a habit that forces me to pay attention to the world around me.

Recently I have been working on some poems and short fiction. I have also been drumming on Matt Alexander’s new solo EP, and writing songs for a new album, which is lively, new wave-inspired and built around chunky electric guitars. I have been enjoying: How to Write an Autobiographical Novel by Alexander Chee, the Insecure Men album, the novels of JG Ballard, Swell Maps, Television Personalities, early Elvis Costello, and The Handmaiden (a Korean film).

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